House Sitting ( the good, the bad)…

While our friends out enjoying a 2 week work vacation, my boyfriend, my Mom, my Chihuahua and my daughter are enjoying their home. They have 3 dogs:

Bagley- he is a beagle. He is the reason for Beaglefreedom Freedom Project. He was used to test chemicals, drugs, you name it in a lab. Our friends experienced grass for the 11st time with him. He is now like a toddler running around the house, squeaking his toys while everyone is still sleeping. Or his finest when he wants to play or just randomly he will start barking. He loves to grab briefcases off the desk and top three all the papers, eat toilet paper when your not looking, but he loves to cuddle…I love to cuddle with him.

Eve: She is white with brown freckles, terrier or shepherd mix. 14 and has horrible arthritis. It kills me to watch her walk. She loves giving kisses and this morning she woke up almost puppy-like. The bad: she poops wherever. It’s ok just pick it up and go, unless your woken up with a putrid smell, causing me to look around for that awful smell. I

Zoey: 10 years old Beagle..Thank God she wasn’t used in the lab. She is in heat and also has chronic pain. Lots of meds. So she went to a friend’s for a week while she’s in heat. Bagley seems to want to “get the party started” so we thought she deserved a little R&T too.

My Bruce “Wayne” has never had to share his Mom or Dad. He is actually doing well, a little snippy but to much. He has started enjoying toys, he used to pe e on them now he runs back and forth with Bagley. He is the coolest Deer-Head Chihuahua ever…

So they have a hot tub (bonus). Haven’t spent as much time as we would like, it’s been too warm at night too relax here in Lakewood, Colorado. But there home is cam00307wonderful compared to our apartment.

Have a great day, so something random today…

Thanks for reading my story



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